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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Two Favorite Things: Classic Rock & Live Music

Two of my favorite things are listening to classic rock music and going to concerts. Put those two things together and I'm sure it will be a time to remember- especially if I'm with my awesome beautiful wife or just some good friends who appreciate some of the same kind of music that I do.

 I've been going to rock concerts since I was a kid. The first show I saw was Head East in 1979. I was thirteen or fourteen years old at the time. Some of the bands I saw in the following years include Kansas, Heart, and even KC and the Sunshine Band, for those of you old enough to remember "disco". That was back in the days when I had the time to just sit and listen to hours of music with my headphones on (you're welcome, Mom & Dad).

Unfortunately, in those days, the ten to fifteen bucks for a concert ticket- not to mention transportation- was hard to come by, so I missed many of my favorite bands in their heyday. But fortunately, many of those bands and artists have enough of a following to keep touring some 30 years or so later.

The following is a list of bands and artists that I've had the privilege of seeing live through the years. Bands/artists I've seen multiple times are indicated with an asterisk. I'm not including Christian bands (with the exception of Stryper), because I've seen so many of those that I would inevitably leave many of them out- not to mention that many of them don't exist anymore.

The Alarm
Def Leppard
Head East
James Taylor*
Joan Jett
KC and the Sunshine Band
King's X*
Little River Band*
Molly Hatchet
Paul McCartney
Three Dog Night*
Trans Siberian Orchestra
Ugly Kid Joe
White Lion

A few bands that I regret not having seen yet (or will perhaps never have the opportunity to) are: Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and The Eagles.

What are some of your favorite artists/bands that you've seen live, or would like to see?