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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A new home for my family (and a few books)

Although I've helped family and friends with moving more times than I can count, and have moved myself several times, I never realized what a pain moving was until I moved my own family for the first time. It's not the packing and the transferring of furniture and belongings from one residence to another that is such a pain- while although it's hard work, it's really not that big of a deal compared to unpacking and getting everything the way you want in your new house.

Case in point: While we were fortunate enough to have a family member graciously offer to pay for movers to come and move our heavy furniture, we moved everything else ourselves and it took me three days just to get all of my books transferred over to the new house- and once I got them all there I had nowhere to put them other than in the boxes I brought them over in.

In our old place I'd had a custom bookshelf built that held most of them, but I see now that it was a BIG mistake to have the bookshelves built as a permanent part of the house. Tired of the boxes of books being obstacles to getting my family settled in, I decided to take it upon myself to build my own bookshelves this time, only ones that could be dismantled and moved if necessary. Although I'm very much inclined to stay here until the day I die, I suspect there will be at least one or more moves before then as such is the nature of things.

The shelves in the photo below are the final result of three solid days of working on them (and no, I don't plan on staining and polishing them- I think they're fine the way the are as I happen to like the natural look). A skilled carpenter could have likely done the whole project in less than a day, but as I quickly discovered, I'm not a skilled carpenter, and one can see on close inspection (or even in the photo), that many of my measurements were a bit off. Regardless of that fact, I'm happy with the results.

It took me another solid day's work to get my books unpacked and on the shelf in the order I wanted them. The entire assembly is nearly 13 feet long and just under 7 tall. It holds my entire library plus some of my multimedia which I included space for in the middle top two shelves. My Bibles are all on the top of the shelves and my apologetics books take up seven rows.

And guess what else? As you can see at the bottom right hand side, I still have room for a few more books...